Multi Award winning Dermalux® is the latest generation in LED Phototherapy combining clinically proven wavelengths of light delivered at safe, therapeutic doses to naturally stimulate skin rejuvenation and resolve problem skin conditions for the face and body.

Dermalux® systems ensure 'optimised' penetration of light into the skin to energise cellular functions with excellent results for skin rejuvenation, acne and spot prone skin, pigmentation and inflammatory conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis and dermatitis.

While we often associate light exposure with negative effects such as skin ageing and damage, light also has many positive influences on the body. It helps us produce vitamin D and provides energy and serotonin for example. It can also promote healing, reduce inflammation and pain and prevent tissue damage.

The differences between the positive and negative effects of light are the amount and the parts of the light spectrum we are exposed to. Whilst on-going exposure to UV is very damaging, controlled levels of Red, Blue and Near Infrared light are clinically proven to be beneficial.

LED Phototherapy has long been known for its regenerating and anti-inflammatory properties. Research demonstrates that it increases collagen production, destroys acne causing bacteria, reduces inflammation, improves skin tone, texture and clarity and eases muscular and joint pain. Unlike more invasive procedures that work as a result of the body's response to trauma, LED Phototherapy is a safe and year round treatment option for all skin types without discomfort or downtime.

Successful treatment with LED Phototherapy is determined by delivering clinically proven wavelengths at an optimised intensity and dose to maximise the light / chromophore interaction that allow for these specific cellular reactions to take place.

If the wavelength does not match the target cell then there will be no absorption and therefore no reaction and no result. Secondly, if the photon intensity is too low then again there will be no reaction and no result. Not all LED Phototherapy systems are the same!

Effective treatments for a range of skin conditions including:  

Skin Rejuvenation, Acne & spot prone skin, Rosacea, redness & flushing, Pigmentation, Dehydrated,  skin Inflammatory conditions, Accelerated healing & Well-being. T & C s Apply


Dermalux session 30 min    $60

Dermalux Packages 3 treatments    $150


(Man - Inflammaory Acne) Dermalux Tri-Wave only: Combined Red, Blue & NIR Total 10 sessions: 2 sessions a wk for 3 wks and 1 session per wk for subsequent 4 wks.  Images courtesy of Lisa Monaghan-Jones RGN, NIP. Director Internal Beauty Clinic Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

(Women - Pigmentation) Dermalux® Tri-Wave Combined Red and NIR light -Total 10 sessions1 per week for 10 weeks                                                                       Images courtesy of Karen Kroese, Kalista Beauty, Kent.

(Woman - Skin Rejuvenation) Dermalux Tri-Wave combined Red & NIR light Total 10 sessions, 1 per week for 10 weeks

(Hands - Dermatitis) Dermalux Tri-Wave Total 7 sessions over 4 weeks