VITAL C - Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel

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Vital C hydrating eye recovery gel.jpg

VITAL C - Hydrating Eye Recovery Gel


A super hydrating, anti-aging eye gel with a blend of nourishing anti-oxidants and peptides that reduces the appearances of fine lines and diminishes dark circles. Paraben free.

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SKIN TYPE - All, dry/ dehydrated, aging, puffy/ dark circles.

BENEFITS - Ultra hydrating Vitamin C/hyaluronic gel that smooth’s and diminishes fine lines while providing instant hydration to the eyes. Diminishes dark circles and puffiness. Excellent for traveling.

DIRECTIONS - Gently apply around upper and lower eye area until absorbed. Apply morning and evening.


Collagen Recovery Complex by Image MAP (magnesium ascorbyl phosphate) (Vitamin C) Dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline    Potent antioxidant. A plant-derived ingredient that provides firming action to the skin. Known for providing anti-wrinkle properties, rejuvenation, and moisturisation
Polypeptide Complex including: Argireline NP®    A safer topical alternative to Botolinum Toxin A, decrease of furrows by 32% in 28 days
Syn®ake    Smoothing and anti-wrinkle properties proven in vivo, reduce wrinkles by 52%
Eyeliss™    Improves firmness of skin, decreases capillaries permeability and increases lymphatic circulation, decreases puffy bags under eyes
Hyaluronic acid    Hydrator - binds 1000x its weight in water
Retinyl palmitate    Vitamin A-derivative to stimulate collagen
Echinacea    Anti-inflammatory
Imperata cylindrica    Anti-inflammatory